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Hévíz, termálfürdő

Hévíz, termálfürdő


Hévíz is located 6 km from the west shore of Lake Balaton and the city of Keszthely. The lake itself – for which the town is named after – is found in the valley between Keszthelyi-hát and Zala-hát.

Hévíz has a unique climate for the area in which it is located, with a mild ranged temperature, thanks to its location and geographical features.

The history of the thermal lake dates back as far as the Age of the Roman Empire and the age of the Árpád-Dynasty, although the place and its surroundings are known to have been inhabited since the last era of the Stone Age.

The thermal spa and the park was founded by Count György Festetics (1755-1819). As the number of visitors began to grow later developments to the spa as well as to the town became necessary.

All those visiting Hévíz can enjoy the benefits of the thermal spa and the famous hospitality of its people.




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