The oldest and most well-known bath of Hungary, in accordance with records from the Roman era, has a history of 2000 years. The Hévíz treatment, in its present sense, also dates back more than 200 years.


The thermal lake of Hévíz is the largest biologically active, natural thermal lake of the world which refreshes both the body and the soul.


The 4.4 ha lake is fed by its spring rushing up at a depth of 38 m, containing sulphur, radium and minerals. Due to the high water output of the spring, the water of the lake is completely changed within 85 hours. The water of the Hévíz Lake is equally rich in dissolved substances and gases, combining the favourable effects of naturally carbonated medicinal waters and those containing sulphur, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, as well as those with a slightly radioactive content.


Relaxed floating on the water, the swinging water-lotuses and the green leaves of the trees tranquillize the nervous system and contribute to the psychic factor of recovering. In winter a ‘mist cap’ is formed from the vapour on the surface of the water which prevents the water from cooling down and at the same time a natural inhalatorium is created. Inhaling the sulphur-hydrogen emitted into the air and the radium-emanation produces favourable curative effects: keeps our vocal cords in a good condition.
The advantageous effects of the Hévíz Lake can also be enjoyed through a drinking-treatment which is suitable for curing stomach and digestive disorders.

Particular attention is paid to the mud that is covered by the thick bed of the lake bed. Heviz sludge, which is unique in its kind, contains organic and inorganic substances, radium salts and reduced sulfuric acid solutions are special therapeutic factors. The medicinal water and sludge from the Pannonian Sea thousands of years old, combined with complex physiotherapeutic treatments, is suitable for the treatment of all types of rheumatic and locomotor disorders.
The water temperature is 23-25 ° C in winter and 33-36 ° C in summer.

The floating floating water, swirling water-lotuses and green leaves of the trees calm the nervous system and contribute to the spiritual factor of healing. In winter, vapor vapor on the surface of the water is formed, which prevents the cooling of water and the formation of a natural inhaler. Inhaling airborne sulfur hydrogen and radium emanation has a beneficial healing effect: it provides good sound to our vocal conduit.
The beneficial effects of the Lake Hévíz can also be enjoyed with drinking water, which is suitable for the treatment of stomach and gastrointestinal disorders.


Winter bath:
The building complex of the Schulhof Promenade contains so-called winter baths. Of course, a therapeutic center located in the hospital, offering indoor bathing facilities, can be visited by city guests at any time of the year. 9 indoor pools (healing pool, weight bath, adventure bath, physiotherapy bath, whirlpool) at 32-37 C.


Natural values

Lake Hévíz

Lake Hévíz is located in a 60.5 ha nature conservation area, with a surface of 4.44 ha. The swamps around the lake are protected by law. The spring cave and the lake are also particularly protected natural phenomena.

Lake Hévíz as a geological curiosity:
Unlike the other hot water ponds in the world, which are usually made of clay soil or rocky beds, Lake Hévíz is a peat bog.

Spring cave:
In the cave discovered in 1975 many cold and hot water springs are mixed. From here, the mixed medicinal water flows through a narrow corridor, and from the spring cave to the thermal reaches a constant temperature of 38.5 ° C. Due to its special status, the spring cave can only be visited after observance of the strict regulations and cave diving rules and after obtaining permission from the competent nature protection authority.

Fauna and plants of the lake:
The fauna and flora of the lake are unique because of the temperature and specific composition of the water. Microorganisms of water and sludge contribute to the healing power of the lake. Sulfur bacteria extract sulfur from the water while other bacterial species play a significant role in peat and production decay


Hospital Services
The predecessor of St. Andrew’s Hospital was founded in 1952, since then ambulant patients and outpatients have also benefited. The effectiveness of the therapy is ensured by full diagnostic service and 200 years of medical competence. The hospital offers medical examinations and comprehensive treatment based on individual therapeutic plans. From the full range of physiotherapeutic treatments (free mud, weight bath, water jet massage, carbonic bath, electric bath, diadinamic current treatment, interference therapy, magnetic therapy, four-cell galvanic bath, ultrasound, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage). Everything in the hospital (laboratory, ECG, X-ray) is available for accurate diagnosis. They also offer a number of specialized medical consultations such as internal medicine, neurology, orthopedics, surgery, urology and dentistry.

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